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Workplace Analytics Quarterly Webinar Series

June 24, 2019

In this workplace analytics webinar series, join experts in people analytics to explore how companies are using data insights to drive transformation, become more agile, and engage their employees.

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Employee experience: what really shapes it may surprise you

More than financial incentives or fun perks, research shows that in order to thrive at work people need freedom and trust, connections and support, and the knowledge and skills to be effective.

When: January 30, 2020 9:00 AM (America/Los_Angeles)
Duration: 30 minutes

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More about this webinar Workplace Analytics webinar:

The pressure to attract and retain talent has intensified, and companies are spending billions of dollars to create better experiences to foster a motivated, innovative, and engaged workforce. But the data indicates it’s not working. Why not? Join us for a conversation with Chantrelle Nielsen, Senior Director Microsoft Workplace Intelligence, and featured speaker David Johnson, Forrester Principal Analyst, as they explore what leading research says about what really shapes the employee experience. It may surprise you!

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A New Era for People Analytics: Making Work Better

The world of people analytics has exploded with growth. In this workplace analytics webinar, hear new insights and learn more about how companies can now use data to make work easier, more productive, and even healthier.

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More about this Workplace Analytics webinar:

While companies often study employee engagement, turnover, and other performance metrics, a new era has arrived thanks to innovative and accessible analytics tools. Companies can now use data to make work easier, more productive, and even healthier. In this webcast, Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin and Microsoft Director Chantrelle Nielsen will explore how new analytics tools are revolutionizing the workplace. Topics to be discussed include how data tools can increase HR’s value as a strategic business partner and provide new insights to line managers and supervisors, resulting in more effective workforce management. Attendees will also learn how specific companies are using tools such as Microsoft Workplace Analytics to dramatically improve employee productivity and help individuals make their working lives better.

Josh Bersin and Chantrelle Nielsen

Learn more about how we use Workplace Analytics at Microsoft to transform.


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