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Quantify how much time your company wastes

Ryan Fuller

May 28, 2014

Forty-four hours of meetings per week. Forty-six average attendees per meeting. Twenty-two hours of e-mail per week.

These numbers are not a dramatization; they are the actual year-long averages for a large technology company’s vice president. And at the managerial level, things don’t look much better: One IT manager, for example, spends 35 hours a week in meetings, sends emails during 85% of those meetings, and interfaces with an average of eight different teams each day.

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Ryan Fuller

Ryan Fuller was the CEO and co-founder of VoloMetrix, a leading people analytics company acquired by Microsoft in 2015. Within Microsoft, Ryan leads a business unit focused on making organizational analytics capabilities broadly available. Previously he was a management consultant at Bain & Company.